Jan 12, 2011

Wood Siren

I always have multiple projects in the works. Working with media that requires drying time creates natural downtime intervals for each piece. One of my current creations is of a forest siren or nymph.
Though sirens are generaly associated with water, nymph just does not induce the feeling of lewered dispare I see in her.

Here is a sneak peek of how she is evolving. Dried plant matter in the form of plant roots will eventually be incorporated.

To the left is a slideshow of her progress. Here you have a first person view of the process. You can also click on the slideshow to view my description of each photo!


  1. I've had days like that!!! Disparing!!!! Siren yes!!! Great work...can't wait to see the plant roots added in...very creative!!! hugs

  2. OMG...I can't wait to see her done. Love the slide show that you did. Glad to have you as part of COS...Have a great week.