Dec 2, 2011 ! Official website is here !..

We've been working hard to bring you our first (and already updated :) web site.
There you can find a full blown step-by-step visual tutorial on how to make masks of your own. It's cheep and a lots of fun. You can even do it with your kids.
For those who interested in digital design and development we added a whole new section to Gloommatter just for you. Department is bored at the moment so feel free to contact us through our new web site ad we'll be happy to help. Notice that small projects are free :) ... .. . no catch eather :)
First come, first served policy is in place so act swiftly.

Feb 11, 2011

Gloommatter to Exhibit at The Bazaar of the Bizarre!

Come clown around with us this March 20th at the Spring edition of this bizarre marketplace is themed Circus Sideshow.  As always the bazaar will spotlight local artists who have a unique view on the world of arts, crafts and life in general. Sunday, March 20th will be the first time Gloommatter has been invited to join this unusual event and we are excited to be able to share our own curiosities.

I am busily working on our exhibit space, keeping the theme in mind. What a fun challenge! I hope you all will be able to come out to see us. You will be entertained for sure. Production has also been thrown into full steam ahead mode and we will be unveiling several new masks, art dolls and….. well, you’ll have to come out and see for yourself.

Don’t miss it! Put it down on your calendar, your facebook event page, cell phone reminder or wherever. Just remember the date!! Plastik Wrap puts this event together always puts on a good show. There will be soooo many great artists on the bill. See you there!  

Jan 17, 2011

My favorite goop.... paper mache.

My paper mache recipe is pretty much recycled newspaper, water and white school glue. The newspaper is cut into small bits and placed in a plastic bowl. I add water until it covers the newspaper cuttings and allow it to soak for about an hour. I then blend the mixture with an electric hand held blender that I got at a garage sale for five bucks. I then pour the blended mixture onto cheese cloth or reusable dollar store kitchen cloths. Twisting the mixture in the cloth in a ball, similar to how cheese is made, I remove a majority of the water. Placing the pulped paper back into the bowl I slowly add white glue and small amounts of water back into mixture and knead the mixture until it resembles a clay like consistency. This mixture should be used within a day or two or the glue will begin to sour. Keep it covered so you don't have too much water evaporation but you can always re-wet hardened paper mache. It's such a fun and forgiving material to work with. You can make it as thick or thin as you like depending on the application.

Jan 12, 2011

Wood Siren

I always have multiple projects in the works. Working with media that requires drying time creates natural downtime intervals for each piece. One of my current creations is of a forest siren or nymph.
Though sirens are generaly associated with water, nymph just does not induce the feeling of lewered dispare I see in her.

Here is a sneak peek of how she is evolving. Dried plant matter in the form of plant roots will eventually be incorporated.

To the left is a slideshow of her progress. Here you have a first person view of the process. You can also click on the slideshow to view my description of each photo!

Jan 10, 2011

From the Workshop

You're curious. We all are!
The following installments of this blog will be an insight into the greymatter at gloommatter. Our creative process from media techniques and visual inspirations to the dark thoughts that are behind each piece. Watch the evolution of the artists and the shop on Gloommatter's site.